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Corporate Yoga
Bring your team to life with regular, expert led yoga classes - in person or online options available.
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Corporate Yoga in Northwood
Online Corporate Yoga
Yoga by Donna Walton

"Donna is a kind, caring and compassionate yoga teacher who makes her class accessible to all. She provides clear instructions which are easy to follow and always provides options for the varying levels.

I really enjoy how she sets out the objective of each class with clarity - today we will focus on our hips or today we will do a full body stretch. Each class is unique and different as she puts a lot of thought into the class preparation.

And above all she is encouraging to all. Love this!

My favourite classes are those in person, but with the recent lockdown, I was surprised at how well it also worked out via zoom..."

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— Sapna Olsen

Donna Walton Yoga

"Donna is a great yoga teacher. Very different to any other classes I’ve tried and the only one I’ve stuck with.


It feels like a total body strengthening workout every time, with surprising benefits of flexibility that I’ve struggled with for years.


I also really enjoyed the zoom classes over Lockdown - Donna is able to give verbal instruction very well and I didn’t feel that I missed out too much on the face to face classes that I’m used to."

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— H. Haque


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