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Pre-Natal Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy has massive benefits. Our gentle yoga sessions will help you get your body ready for delivery, whether you're a fitness enthusiast or new to workout programs and yoga.


Gentle Pre-Natal Yoga

Prenatal yoga sounds like a healthy practice to adopt during pregnancy – and it is. But what specifically can prenatal yoga do to help you feel great and stay calm during the most important nine months of your life?

Pre-natal yoga supports your changing body. "Our bodies are always changing," says Jane Austin, a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher based in San Francisco and the founder of prenatal yoga school Mama Tree. But in pregnancy, the body experiences "an accelerated pace of change," she says, and needs help adjusting and compensating. "Prenatal yoga practice is designed to support the changes that happen in a pregnant body," Austin says, by offering women healthy, safe ways to stretch their muscles and strengthen their bodies – their lower bodies in particular – to ease the process of supporting a growing belly.


What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

- Improve sleep.

 - Reduce stress and anxiety.

- Increased strength, flexibility & endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.

- Decrease lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath.


Get in tough to book a 45 minute session for £45. Sessions can be on a day and time that's convenient for you, according on availability, all in the comfort of your own home.

All mats, blocks, bolsters and equipment will be supplied.


An online 20 minute consultation via Zoom can be arranged to run through any concerns your may have.


We will complete a medical form and discuss exactly what you are looking for whilst practising yoga during your pregnancy.


Any questions please contact me via my website or contact me on 07766 062142. NAMASTE Donna

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