Terms and Conditions

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Classes

  • Single and block private passes purchased are for the sole use of the purchaser and may not be transferred from the person for whom they are purchased to any other group or individual. Bookings are non-transferable.
  • Private yoga classes are not scheduled until they have been paid for, prior to class.
  • Block bookings (3, 5 and 6 class pass) are non-refundable, whether unused or already started.
  • The teacher must be informed of any cancellations via email/website contact form.  Any cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged the full amount for the private class.
  • Should the teacher have to cancel due to illness, the session will be rescheduled to a time to suit all parties.


Join me 5.30pm Tuesday online via Zoom for an afte Join me 5.30pm Tuesday online via Zoom for an after-work yoga flow to undo the damage of your desk job 🙏

As much as you may love your job, it could be harming your health. To help you combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting,  join me for a vinyasa yoga sequence for healthy posture & happy muscles. 
Sitting down at a desk all day is one of the worst things we can do for our health. In our sedentary modern life, desk jobs are to blame for many health problems—from back pain to cardiovascular diseases.
Yoga can undo the damage from sitting all day and help you thrive at your desk job. A vinyasa flow designed especially for desk workers. With lots of stretches, hip-openers and posture-improving poses, it’s the perfect after-work yoga routine to beat a desk-bound posture.
£5 a class DM for details 🙏
Top and leggings @blossomyogawear 
Mat @liforme
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National Fitness Day 💪 National Fitness Day 💪
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Join me Monday’s 11.30am Spa Yoga @davidlloydnor Join me Monday’s 11.30am Spa Yoga @davidlloydnorthwood 🙏
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Had an amazing week kicking off with the new Yoga Had an amazing week kicking off with the new Yoga class outside in the amazing Spa area @davidlloydnorthwood 
Along with my new love of the outside heated pool 💖
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