6pm Tuesday Online Yoga Classes

6pm Tuesday Online Yoga classes streamed via Zoom £5 a class. All Yoga classes suitable for all ages and abilities. I have a 62” screen so it feels like your in the room with me. Contact me for on 07766062142 for availability and details, or email me on

Brand Ambassador for Blossom Yoga Wear

I am very proud to be a brand ambassador for Blossom Yoga Wear. I am absolutely thrilled to be welcomed into the team. I genuinely love the brand, and am confident to recommend it. I am especially thrilled students  can order across  the whole collection with a 15% discount code – DONNA15.

Online Yin 1:1 Yoga Sessions

Yin Yoga increases your flexibility, stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas.  Contact me on 07766 062142 or email So, Why Do People […]

Online 1:1 & Family Yoga Sessions

Online 1:1 and Family Yoga can fit around your needs, and be in the comfort of your own home. Sessions streamed via ZOOM on a 62” screen.  Almost feels like your in the room with me.  So  just grab yourself a mat (or a large towel) and start practising. Call 07766 062142 or email […]

Online Corporate Yoga classes

Why Choose Workplace Yoga? Bring your team to life with regular, expert led virtual online yoga classes.  Beginners welcome, and a great social scene while we are on this partial lockdown and following government guidelines. I am currently using several online streaming platforms, such as ZOOM and Microsoft TEAMS. Research shows that being sedentary is […]

Online 1:1 Pregnancy Yoga Sessions

Pregnancy Yoga is a way of making the most out of a women’s pregnancy, and preparing mum for her upcoming role as a mother.  Proven benefits : improved sleep, reduces stress & anxiety, increases strength and flexibility of the muscles needed for childbirth.  Decreases lower back pain, reduces headaches and shortness of breath. In light […]


6pm Online Yoga class via zoom.  DM for details 🙏
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I luv my yoga but today is with a different downdo I luv my yoga but today is with a different downdog 🙏🐶

#labrador #downdog #relax #sundayfunday
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Ahhh when a member of your yoga class sends you fl Ahhh when a member of your yoga class sends you flowers “to brighten my day as a little appreciation for all the time I have dedicated to benefit them all”. 💖
How thoughtful Thankyou Jayne 🙏
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Out of office on 🙏 Back in 8 days 💃🥂😌 Out of office on 🙏
Back in 8 days 💃🥂😌
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